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Playing Condition (PC)

Regular service to keep your horn playing its best. Recommended at least once per year, includes making sure all pads/corks/felts are in place and in good condition, mechanisms are in adjustment, and basic lubrication.

Clean, Oil, Adjust (COA)

More in-depth service every few years. Includes the PC repair, plus complete disassembly to fully clean body and mechanisms, plus a thorough lubrication.

Full Overhaul

"The Facelift", once a little bit of love is no longer enough. Includes complete disassembly and cleaning, body/tone hole work, replacement of ALL soft parts (pads, felts, corks), and final meticulous setup to give your horn new life.

We service the whole range of flutes, clarinets, saxophones, oboes, and bassoons. Have something even weirder? Bring it in, Sara would love to see it!


Chem Clean

Recommended once or twice per year this is a complete disassembly and thorough cleaning inside and out to remove whatever buildup may have taken up residence in your horn. Minor bell dents/slide work included.


Sometimes the unthinkable happens and your "baby" takes a hit. We can remove dents, extract stuck slides, re-solder broken joints, straighten handslides, and restore catastrophic damage.

We service the whole range of brass instruments. If you buzz when you play it, Vinnie wants to see it!

Stuck mouthpiece removal is free! (put the pliers down; it never ends well)


Custom Mods

We are able to provide a range of custom modifications to create the horn that is right for you!


• Screw bell conversions

• Adaptive woodwind keywork

• Modernization of rotor systems

• Miniball conversions


With not one but two lathes in the shop (a 13" x 40" Grizzly and a Sherline mini lathe), plus a milling machine, we can handle machining jobs big and small.

• Rotor refitting

• Fabricating replacements for obsolete parts

• Tenon replacements

• Crack pinning

• Installing nylon tips on adjustment screws

What else can you think of? Bring us your ideas, and together we'll create a plan.

** All repair pricing is flexible depending upon the make, age, and condition of any given instrument **
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