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Woodwind Repair Technician


woodwind repair

Sara first became interested in band instrument repair in the 8th grade when she followed her repair technician for career day and watched him pin a severely cracked bass clarinet. She then promptly forgot about the field for the next 20+ years, instead becoming a cartographer who made illustrative maps for atlases, textbooks, and travel guides.


When she'd finally had enough of sitting alone in front of a computer all day, she had an 'aha!' moment and rediscovered her interest in band instrument repair. After attending Renton Technical College's Band Instrument Repair Technology program, she went to work for Kennelly Keys Music as a woodwind specialist, ultimately working out of their Bellevue location.


When she's not at work, Sara can be found playing her clarinet & bari sax with a community big band, playing D&D,  gardening, cooking tasty food, and schlepping her teenagers all over town.

Brass Repair Technician


brass repair

After relocating to the Seattle area to attend instrument repair school, Vinnie has since worked for Oberloh Woodwind & Brassworks, Seattle Sound Repair, and Kennelly Keys Music. He is skilled in all aspects of brass repair, from machining custom parts to day-to-day maintenance and most everything in between. Just don't ask him to play the saxophone (for everyone's sake).

A native of Etna, CA, Vinnie comes from a long line of "make something from nothing"-style professional craftspeople, and has always been the go-to guy for everyone around him needing help. A lifelong musician and trombone player, Vinnie combines his tinkering skills with his love of brass instruments in order to make your horn as good as you want it to be.

When he's not at work, Vinnie can be found working on other people's fix-it projects, playing his bass trombone with whoever will have him, and playing RPGs with his friends. Roll for initiative!



VP of canine operations

When you first open the door, you'll probably be greeted by our shop dog, Bubba. He's an old man who is still getting used to being a shop dog, so he still gets really excited when a new person arrives. That lasts all of 5 seconds, however, once he remembers that there's a gate keeping him from giving you all of the licks. Then it's back to work, keeping his bed warm under the front counter.

We don't know much about Bubba's past life, but he came to us from Seattle Humane just as we opened our shop in early 2019 . They had gotten him as a transfer from a high-kill shelter in Texas, where he was on "the list" because of his severe separation anxiety, and Seattle Humane wasn't having much luck adopting him out. What's great about Bubba is that all he really wants is to be with us, play ball in the back yard, and go on walks. The perfect shop dog!

If you want to get on Bubba's "Friend for Life" list, just give him one of the treats on the front counter. If he's not feeling too lazy, he might even give you a "shake".



Members of the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT), BandWright is committed to continually furthering our understanding of band instrument repair, and to exchanging knowledge with others who love the craft as much as we do.

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